Family. Friends. Pizza.

This time of year is a great time for reflection.

While Thanksgiving is approaching, we are thinking about everything we are grateful for. As we look back on this past year, three things stand out above everything else: Family, Friends, and Pizza.

High-Quality Service

We know your family and friends are important. That’s what makes My Pie unlike any other other pizza restaurant. My Pie strives to create a family-friendly environment where your loved ones can gather together to enjoy our authentic New York-style pizza. When you visit our fast casual dining restaurant, we want you to feel at home. You will experience our high-quality service with the same warmth we would give to any guest in our own homes. As always, we want you to create your own custom pizza experience so that it feels just right for you. Plus, with fast-casual dining that means our meals are quick and comfortable, making it the perfect option for everyone you love.

Our pizza is the ideal food to enjoy as you bring your family and friends together. Say goodbye to arguing over which toppings to order, because at My Pie, every person can customize his or her own meal. These personal pizzas ensure that everyone leaves our pizza restaurant satisfied. Our homemade, gluten-free crusts and vegan options mean everyone can be included, too.

Pizza Your Way

My Pie was built on the values that our families imparted on us, and over the years, our customers and our employees have become our own friends and family. November is the perfect opportunity to gather with the people who are most important in your life. That’s why we think of you when we picture how we want to spend this time of year. Whether you plan to spend your Thanksgiving at home with friends or plan to travel somewhere else and visit your loved ones, we hope you think of us. Come to My Pie today and enjoy pizzas custom-built for each member of your family!