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Fast & Casual Dining at My Pie Pizza

During the last few years, a band of start-ups has been racing to become what some have called “the Chipotle of pizza,” seizing upon the fast-casual custom concept and mimicking the company’s model in hopes that they can do for pizza what Chipotle did for the burrito. My Pie – Pizza Your Way is now on the fast track of becoming a major player in the race.

Now let’s take a look at what consumers are saying about “Fast-Casual Custom Pizza”. Among the metrics Technomic Research Company used to forecast growing success for the segment were consumers’ reactions to quality, taste and visual appeal of food; decor; and availability of healthy options. In each of these areas, all fast-casual restaurants rated higher on average in customer satisfaction than traditional pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s.

Moreover, the report shows that consumers are increasingly willing to pay higher prices for gourmet and natural ingredients; they are increasingly interested in new, innovative and themed pizzas with a preference for the taste of wood-fired or brick-oven-baked pies. And while convenience is still the primary driver for pizza sales, taste is a close second.

(Comments from Brian Bixler, Franchise