Join Our Tradition

It’s that time of year when family and friends gather and celebrate their roots.

With pool parties, fireworks, and food to share, there’s nothing like a good 4th of July celebration. At My Pie, we started a tradition of enjoying fresh, New York-style pizza as a way of remembering where we came from. Our grandmother used to make pizza, and while she ways cooking, she would say: “There are 2 things that make food great: love and fresh ingredients.” As the festivities begin, we would love to share our tradition with your family!

Our Family’s Recipes

Growing up, food was always at the center of our traditions. Our grandmother’s recipes pulled in friends and family alike, and we would spend hours eating and conversing. Recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation are a staple in our home, and with the upcoming celebrations, we would be thrilled to share our family’s favorite recipes with you.

When all of your friends and family are together, is there anything better than eating some incredible food? Before you go check out the fireworks, come to our pizza restaurant and enjoy a customized pizza near you! My Pie offers a family dining experience filled with build-your-own pizzas and a family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you want a vegan pizza, gluten-free pie, or a pizza piled high with all the toppings, our build-your-own pizza restaurant has a pie for everyone. Delicious ingredients, such as fresh tomatoes and roasted red peppers, make our pizza place the best pizza restaurant in the area.

Join our Pizza Tradition

For the upcoming holiday, join My Pie Pizza’s tradition of enjoying customized, casual pizzas at our family dining near you. We are excited to welcome your friends and family to our neighborhood pizzeria. Want to order your pizza ahead? Order online today, and get your pizza faster than ever. We look forward to seeing you.