School’s Out, Pizza’s In.

The day your kids have been waiting for has finally arrived – the last day of school. With that final bell, they’re ready to enjoy long days at home with nothing to do but sleep in and play in the summer sun. But what about you? Eventually, your kids are going to need to leave the house and get a change of scenery, but where do you take them? If you’re not sure what to do with your kids now that they’re home all day, escape the house and bring them to My Pie for a meal you’ll both enjoy!

Enjoy The Fun Of Build-Your-Own Pizzas

If there’s one thing that kid’s love, it’s making their own pizzas. With My Pie Pizza, you can take the fun of building your own pizza to a whole new level! Kids typically get to choose their own toppings at home, but not the sauce or the dough. When kids build their own pizza at My Pie, they can choose every part of the pizza – dough, sauce, and toppings. Is your son wanting a classic NY-style pizza? He can add pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and pizza sauce on top of a white crust. Maybe your daughter is wanting a taste of the South. She can customize a pizza with BBQ sauce, chicken, and caramelized onions on a wheat crust. No matter what your kids are craving, they can enjoy the flavors they love along with the fun of building their own pizza.

Don’t think that your child will be able to eat a My Pie all by themselves? No problem! We offer a kid’s meal called the Lil’ Piezano. These cheese and pepperoni mini pizzas are the perfect size for any kid! Each Lil’ Piezano meal comes with a kid’s drink, cookie,  and a ball of dough to play with.

A Pizza Restaurant For The Whole Family

With summer in full swing, your kids are going to need some fun activities. That’s where My Pie comes in. Our pizza restaurant is built on our love of NY-style pizza and family. When you come to My Pie for custom pizza, we offer family dining so that you can sit with your kids and enjoy time away from home.

Are you ready to enjoy pizza your way? Find a My Pie Pizza near you today!