What Is Fast-Casual Pizza?

Standing in line at the grocery store, you are exhausted.

School has started back up, and the family is getting back into a routine. You just finished a full day of work and shopped for groceries, but you know that there’s no time to rest – you still have to pick your son up from practice, help your daughter with her homework, and make dinner. Trying to come up with a meal that your whole family will enjoy, you run through your mental checklist: it has to be gluten-free for your daughter and vegan for your husband while still being quick to make. Suddenly, the next wave of exhaustion hits, and you decide to pick up Chipotle for dinner, because you know that you can quickly get food customized for each member of your family.

You know those restaurants where you get to go and choose the ingredients you want for the dishes you love? We love them too. That’s actually why we opened My Pie in 2012 – we wanted to bring the build-you-own concept to the pizza industry. My Pie quickly became a fast-casual pizza restaurant dedicated to sharing New York-style pizza and strong family values with the local community.

“Fast-casual” is a term used to describe food made with high-quality ingredients that are prepared fresh for the customer while still providing the quick service associated with a fast-food restaurant. For example, when you come to My Pie you get to choose the crust, sauce, and toppings you want, and we cook the pie to perfection. Whether you want a vegan pizza or a gluten-free pie, My Pie gives you the option to customize your pizza however you like.

Build Your Own Pizza Today

At My Pie, we’re proud to offer you delicious, New York-style pizza in a fast-casual dining setting. As we move into this school year, come to my pie for a pizza your way! Find your location and order your pizza online today.