What’s Behind the Recent “Design-Your-Own-Pizza” Movement?

When it comes to the consumer landscape – it’s all about customization. From your clothes to your social media profile, everybody wants more options in order to create something unique that speaks to them. This isn’t anything new – the ability to customize is something that has been incorporated into almost every business for years now. However, it’s somewhat surprising that the restaurant industry is just now catching up. But it is – this “Chipotle-style” concept is showing how successful such a restaurant can be, by focusing on speediness and fun. We believe that no other food is more suited for customization than pizza. Here at My Pie Pizza, we allow you to choose from a huge assortment of ingredients in order to make a custom built pizza cooked in two minutes flat.

New Ways to Customize

Pizza is a beloved food with countless variations, from Thai pizza to margherita pizza, to simpler options such as cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza. Sure, most pizza places have a list of ingredients that you can use in order to “design your own pizza”, but historically speaking, will start to add up in costs for each added topping. This winds up being more costly than choosing one of the “pre-created” options such as the typical meat pizza or vegetarian pizza options. While we have pre-made options, we also provide a huge amount of customizability if you want to make your own pizza that suits your own personal tastes by allowing you unlimited toppings for a fixed price. The days of choosing a 4-ingredient pizza only to remove that one ingredient you don’t like are gone.

The Assembly Line Experience

The customization craze hit full force within the restaurant industry a few years ago as Chipotle led the way with their customizable burritos. First introduced by Subway, these restaurants are set up in an assembly line fashion in which you request ingredients as you walk your way down the counter. Past stigmas have told consumers that fast food is neither healthy nor fresh, but the opposite is guaranteed by choosing exactly what is going into your meal while having it prepared in front of you. Besides the fact that people want to choose ingredients that they like and that the ability to customize gives them a unique consumer experience, there has been a huge spike in interest in cuisine over the last decade, as evidenced by the many popular Food Network shows. People have a renewed interest in cooking, and by allowing our customers to choose their ingredients, it allows them to create their own unique recipe.

Pizza Designed Your Way

My Pie Pizza is truly a design your own pizza restaurant, so we don’t just have a list of toppings that you can choose from. We strive to make every part of your pizza customizable. This means that you can choose from three different crusts (including a gluten-free option), seven different sauces, six different cheeses (including a vegan option) and over two-dozen toppings. Being able to customize your meal down to the last ingredient not only allows you to get creative and choose ingredients that you actually like, but it means that you don’t have to worry about dietary restrictions either, whether you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-intolerant. Everything is made from scratch, which means we use the freshest ingredients possible. We even use an 800-degree oven in order to bake your custom built pizza in only two minutes once it’s been created. That’s what we call a New York Minute!

Learn more about your Phoenix design-your-own-pizza restaurant and check out My Pie Pizza’s menu.

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